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Special Star, known only as Item in Japan, is a star-shaped item from Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars that grants abilities or bonuses to the one that takes it, being of great help for Alex Kidd and Stella.

  • J (Jump Star / Jump Item) - Temporarily increases jump height and distant.
  • S (Cloud Shot / Shot Item / Shot 1) - A "!" in the arcade version. In the arcade version it temporarily allows to shoot at enemies. In the console version it gives Alex a certain amount of shots.
    • !! (Shot 2) - Arcade only. Fires two shots instead of one.
    • US (Ultra Shot) - Console only. Same as "S", but gives more shots.
  • S (Speed) - Arcade only. Temporarily increases speed.
  • SC (Seconds / Time Item) - A clock icon in the arcade version. Increases the remaining time.
  • ? (Item Alert / Special Item) - A "$" in the arcade version. Special Item worth many points.
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