The Rice Ball (おにぎり Onigiri) is Alex Kidd's favorite food and an item in the series.

In Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Rice Ball appears in the end of all stages, except the final stages (Cragg Lake and Sky Castle). Alex must eat the Rice Ball in order to finish a stage and progress to the next one. In some of the North American Master System built-in versions of Alex Kidd in Miracle World, the Rice Ball is replaced by a Hamburger.

In Alex Kidd BMX Trial, the Rice Ball is an item that recovers Alex's vitality.


In Alex Kidd in Miracle World, the Rice Ball appears floating in the air, or water, in a stationary position, occasionally enclosed within a breakable block. However, in stages where Alex must defeat one of Janken's henchmen or Janken the Great himself, Alex's opponent will be replaced by a Rice Ball at the end of the battle.

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