Parplin the Pursuer (パープリン) is the first henchman of Janken the Great in Alex Kidd in Miracle World. He is a secondary antagonist who must be defeated at Janken in order to progress. Parplin appears in two locations in the game: at the end of Bingoo Lowland, and in the Kingdom of Nibana.

Appearances in gameEdit

Throughout Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Parplin is crossed twice. The first is at the end of the the Bingoo Lowland in a game of Janken. Defeating him at the game reduces him to a Rice Ball/Hamburger which Alex must devour in order to end the round. However, losing the game causes Alex to lose a life and get turned into solid stone by magic.

Parplin's second appearance is in the Kingdom of Nibana. Again a Janken match is played by the two, but when defeated Parplin attacks Alex. His head detaches from his body and attacks Alex, swinging at him with agility and power. Three punches to the face are required to defeated Parplin, the last of Janken's minions to fall.


Parplin is a stunted humanoid creature with his head in the shape of an outstretched hand, produced by a hand in Janken games. His appearance is similar in nature to those of Gooseka and Chokkina.

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