Gooseka the Slippery
Alias(es): "Stone-Head"
Affiliation: Janken the Great
Rank: Henchman
Only Appearance: Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Appears in: 1 Game

Gooseka the Slippery is the third henchman of Janken the Great, in Alex Kidd in Miracle World. He is a secondary antagonist who must be defeated in Janken matches in order to progress. Gooseka appears in two locations: just prior to Alex reaching Lake Fathom, and at the Radaxian Castle.


In Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Gooseka is faced twice. Firstly at the end of the first motorbike stage in a simple game of Janken. Defeating him at the game twice reduces Stone-Head to a Rice Ball/Hamburger which Alex must consume to complete the stage. However, losing the game twice, as with all Janken matches to follow, causes Alex to turn to stone and lose a life.

Gooseka's second appearance occurs in the Radaxian Castle. Again the game is Janken, but this time Gooseka doesn't go down so easily after his defeat. Instead, his head detaches and attacks Alex. Three punches to the face are required to defeat him.


Stone-Head is a short humanoid with his head in the shape of rock, as produced in the game, Janken. His appearance is similar in nature to those of Chokkinna and Parplin.

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