Alex Kidd: High-Tech World is a side-scrolling video game with platforming and adventure elements, released by Sega in 1987 for the Sega Master System. In Japan this game is known as Anmitsu Hime (あんみつ姫), being based on the manga and anime of the same name. As such, the western version replaces the main character with Alex Kidd and replaces most of the game's sprites, though the general setting remains the same.

Since the game wasn't made as an Alex Kidd game in Japan, the alterations caused inconsistencies for the Alex Kidd storyline. Furthermore, while a large variety of characters exist in the game, none of the previously established characters in the Alex Kidd universe are anywhere to be found, nor do any of the characters in this game appear in any of the others in the series. Because of this this game is considered non-canonical.


You're Alex Kidd, the Crown Prince of the planet Radaxian. You are known by various titles; such as hero, all-around radical dude and the little guy with big ears! But when all this hero stuff is said and done, you are still a kidd at heart.

That's why you got all excited when your sometimes friend Paul told you about the wildest new video arcade, High-Tech World. It wasn't too far away... just through the forest and past the village. After Paul told you about the new games and cool stuff there, he mentioned something about a map with guaranteed directions. The problem was, the map had been torn up into eight pieces and hidden in different parts of the castle! Who did it? Paul, of course. He is sometimes a very big rat!

What the heck. It's just another challenge for the Kidd! You must find the eight pieces of the map, get through the forest, find a Travel Pass and get through the village to the arcade before it closes at 17:00 (5:00 pm). What? It's 9:00 am now? Time to jam! Get started now... 'cause every minute counts!


The game is separated into four distinct scenes, each of them with a unique objective:

  • The game begins in the castle, which comprises the bulk of the game. In this scene the main objective is to find the missing pieces of the map, which are scattered around the many rooms of the castle. This portion features a adventure-style gameplay, focusing on exploration, puzzle-solving and inventory management.
  • Once all pieces of the map are collected the player moves on to the woods. This scene is a short action sequence where the player must cross the woods while fighting ninjas. Here the player can jump and attack by throwing shuriken. Defeated ninjas drop money which can be used in the next scene.
  • After crossing the woods the player reaches the town. In this scene the main objective is to acquire a Travel Pass, which will allow the player to get past the guard on the Check Point gate. This scene plays much like the castle scene but is significantly shorter.
  • The final scene is another action scene similar to the woods, with a few new enemies such as snakes and bats. Once the player finishes this scene the game is over.

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